the-order-epic-dark-fantasy-smallThe gods are dead, long live the new gods.

Death mage, warlock, wizard. Throughout his years of service to the Guardians, Marcus went by many titles, although most simply called him Phirop, assassin for the gods. But now Marcus’s gods are dead, and the Order, the secretive cult that Marcus serves, wishes to replace them. To save himself and his family, Marcus sees only one way forward: to betray his brotherhood and steal from them a powerful weapon that would ensure their ascension to power.

On the day Calycia was born, the river near her home sprung its banks and flowed in reverse. As a child, candles flickered when she drew near, and storm clouds gathered whenever she cried. Now, on the eve of womanhood, such supernatural occurrences have stopped, but that has not been a reason to celebrate. Against her will, she has been engaged to Lord Rudlif, heir to the Capernican Throne. But Calycia has a secret that might set her free. She is the first woman in a hundred generations capable of sorcery. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the words to a single spell, and as the day of her wedding draws near, Calycia learns a dark truth: she is not the object of her fiancé’s desires – it’s the magic blood coursing through her veins that he seeks.

When the Order instigates an insurrection on the day of the royal wedding, Calycia and Marcus find themselves on separate sides of the conflict. With the world around them falling into chaos, they are both thrust upon a desperate quest for survival. Only one thing is for certain – with the gods dead, those capable of magic are the closest to divinity in this world. Will such divine gifts lead Marcus and Calycia to salvation, or to an early grave?

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