the-guardian-dark-epic-fantasy-kdp-cover-smallSleeping gods should be left to slumber, but Bently’s hand is being forced.

In Laveria, the gods have vanished, and now the armies of the Necromancer move unchecked. When the seemingly unassailable Kingdom of Capernicus falls to the carrion horde, the Necromancer demands a high price for peace: the Orb of Azure, a fabled artifact that would turn a mortal into a god.

With his king dead and his homeland falling to ruin, Captain Bently is given the most important task of his life. He must escort the daughter of a witch into the closed borders of his ancient enemy. But once there, he will find himself thrust into a world of treacherous politics, religious secrets, and arcane arts. Bently will soon discover he must venture on the most perilous quest of all.

THE GUARDIAN tells of the journey undertaken by a desperate few to awaken the last of the Sundered Gods. To do so, the baseborn son of a king must join forces with his sworn foe. A young woman must find a way to control the wellspring of magic that flows through her blood. An uncertain lord will need to navigate a court riddled with dark intrigue, while a dragon must unlock the fiery strength of his ancestors. With the Necromancer’s reach ever expanding, Bently is left to make a choice that will decide the fate of the world: to awaken the vengeful god of old, or bow to the dominion of the dead.

The battle for Laveria is at hand. To the victor goes the Orb of Azure, and with it, the power to reshape the world.

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